Tecnicas Reunidas has selected Goizea for the delivery of all the supports required for its new project, Tierra Mojada, a new 875 MW gas turbine combined cycle power plant in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The power plant will consist of the installation of two GE gas turbines, two heat recovery generators and one steam turbine, with a total power output of 875 MW.  It will be fueled by natural gas and the production is planned to start beginning of 2020.

Goizea is working together with Tecnicas Reunidas in order to enable a smooth support planning in 3D model for this project, which is, together with the short required delivery times for materials, the biggest challenge for this project.

After the delivery of all the supports for the petrochemical complex Lake Charles in Westlake, Lousiana,this new order will reinforce the relationships between Goizea and Tecnicas Reunidas