Last week a new group of clients came to our free of charge LISEGA support training, regularly organized by Goizea in our factory in Zeven (Germany).

On this occasion we had the pleasure of having such important companies as: Duro Felguera, Iberdrola, Sacyr Fluor, SenerTécnicas Reunidas.

Beside the usual review of the different product groups in our catalog, our customers were able to learn about the company philosophy and observe our factory closely: the manufacturing, our large stock, the pre-assembly and packaging areas, our welding robots, etc. .

Something new was the visit to the new laboratory recently acquired by Lisega for the performance of : adherence tests, non-destructive tests, magnetic particles, etc., as well as our large test bench, with capacity to test big snubeers (type 31) statically, as well as dynamically.

Our calibration and blocking benches were also of big interest, being able to observe the calibration process of a constant support, as well as too see our big capacity calibration benches.

Of course, as usual, we also had the chance to share some leisure time in the Old Town of Bremen, during which we exchanged experiences, opinions and needs in the sector.

In short, a great experience which we can recommend all our customers, who are of course very welcome in our facilities.