Last week we had the pleasure to have once again a group of customers at our facilities in Germany, who were interested in knowing a bit more about our capabilities and services in the field of pipe supports.

On this occasion the attendees came from companies like AMEC Foster WheelerDuro FelgueraTamoin and Técnicas Reunidas.

Additionally to the usual review of our business philosophy and the main product groups in our catalogue, the attendees had the opportunity to have a direct look into our manufacturing processes, stock of materials and testing facilities.

Remarkable were the new laboratory recently acquired by Lisega for tests such as non-destructive tests, magnetic particles, etc., as well as the large bench with capacity for dynamic tests for the big 31 type shock absorbers.

They also showed big interest on our new catalogue for VICODA anti-vibration solutions, and could visit the facilities dedicated to their final assembly and storage, as well as all the tests we can perform on them.

Of course, as usually, we also had time to share some leisure moments, which offered us the opportunity to talk about trends, news, personal experiences and opinions in our field.

In definitive, a great experience to which we would like to invite all our customers.