The Spanish company TSK awards Goizea with the delivery of all the required pipe supports for Shagaya, its thermosolar project in Kuwait.

The 60 MW Project is divided into a 50 MW thermal solar plant and a 10 MW photovoltaic plant, the installation will be situated in the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park, situated in the north of the country, at about 100 km of the capital, Kuwait City.

For the thermosolar plant, TSK will use its own technology for the parabolic trough collectors , designed by their German affiliate Flagsol.

The molten salts thermal storage system, with a capacity of 9 hours, will also be designed completely by TSK, and will turn this plant into one of few with the largest storage capacity in the world.  

The plant represents great progress in the integration of renewable energy throuh combination of both technologies:  thermosolar and photovoltaic.

Under the turn key contract, TSK will carry out the engineering, supply, construction and start-up of the entire installation.

With this project, Goizea strengthens its relationship to TSK and introduces its products in a completely new market. Doubtless, a new challenge and good opportunity to show our capabilities and large experience in the thermosolar world.